Wholesome Food Farm 
"Good for the Animal...Good for You"


Wholesome Food Farm is a small family farm located in rural Berks County, centrally between Allentown and Reading.  We offer all natural grass fed Black Angus beef, for a more nutrious beef.

At Wholesome Food Farm, we are dedicated to providing tender, high quality, and flavorful beef.  Cattle have free range in our lush pastures, made up of clover; timothy; and alfalfa, never confining to a feed lot.  During the Winter months, the cattle are fed organic grain and hay.  No growth hormones or antiobiotics are ever used.  Sheds are provided for them to use when there is inclement weather.

Our farm is also the home of Wholesome Food Catering (http://www.wholesomefoodcatering.com/), where dishes are prepared with ingredients from local farms and vendors here in Berks County, including our own grass fed beef.


Grass fed beef is lower in fat and naturally provides Omega 3 fatty acids, which may aid in preventing diabetes and heart disease.  Also, grass fed beef is higher in CoQ10, a powerful antioxidant.  Beta carotene is also contained in grass fed beef, aiding in immune function.

Wholesome Food Farm
16 Sunrise Lane
Alburtis, PA  18011
Phone:  610-641-0512

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