Purchasing Options

By The Cut

Our full-service farm store is fully stocked with a variety of beef cuts.  Farm store hours (Friday 4-7; Saturday 10-3).  A list of all available cuts, along with pricing, is available for download.   (By The Cut Price List)


We currently offer 4 options for purchasing our beef in bulk...we call them "Variety Beef Packs".  Each "Variety Beef Pack" is offered in the following sizes, and available for farm store pick up or free delivery.  Click on each item below for a complete list of cuts included in each pack.  (Please reserve at least 48 hours in advance of pick up/delivery.  Thank you.)

10 lb pack = $100.00

25 lb pack = $225.00

50 lb pack = $450.00

100 lb pack (equivalent to 1/4 steer) = $895.00

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