Our Farm

Wholesome Food Farm is located in southeastern Berks County, Pennsylvania.  We raise Black Angus cattle, utilizing rotational grazing during the warmer months, and supplementing with haylage and dry hay from a nearby farm, during the winter months...our cattle live a wonderful and stress-free life.   Our farming is centered around the humane treatment of our cattle.

Our farm is also "home" to many abundant wildlife:  deer; fox; wild turkey; red tailed hawks.

Our Beef

Our beef comes from Black Angus cattle, which we feel yields a more flavorful beef.  We also believe the healthiest animals thrive in fresh air, sunshine and lush-green pastures, additionally producing a higher-quality and better tasting meat.  Our cattle is on pasture their entire lives, which consequently boosts their health and the quality of the meat they produce.

Our beef is dry aged for 2 weeks, a process makes the beef more tender, as well as concentrating flavors and producing meat that is exceptional in both taste and texture.

Our beef is nitrate and nitrite free, and no growth hormones or antibiotics are ever used.

Our Products

A variety of beef cuts are found in our farm store, located on the farm.  A complete product and price list can be downloaded below.  

"Grass Fed Beef Products"